Tesla sends an emergency email to worried customers about iPhone 6s, updates software


Elon Musk published an email to Tesla employees and investors on Wednesday, addressing the issue that surfaced with the main iPhone button for the company’s new Model 3 sedan:


Dear Tesla Community:

Something is happening with our software. Hopefully soon we will solve it, but right now it is causing an unsafe condition and it is very annoying.

The problem has been identified, but we don’t know the precise cause. One possible cause is that we are coding our drivers to self-diagnose themselves, which has resulted in bad behavior. So we are building an artificial intelligence system that can take care of that. We have a few prototypes and are currently showing it to Tesla staff.

The ultimate goal is to make our software fully self-diagnostic. Until we can get there, we will focus on behavior modifiers. This might mean that the driver will see a blue safety symbol, or it could mean that the battery battery battery (on the front dashboard), computer innards, etc. will light up red or blue depending on what a driver has done wrong.

I look forward to sharing with you updates about our debugging efforts. Until then, please pray that the problem is easily fixed. Otherwise, I am sure we will need to provide you with a few more bulletins on this.

Shari and all the Tesla Team

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