California firefighter, who got victim’s fiance to ejaculate, now being investigated

Authorities have announced that a California firefighter had been accused of using a vaccine directive to get a woman’s fiance to ejaculate.

Angela Gonzalez, who was engaged to Christian Kyle Lopez, provided an audio recording to the radio show “The Petri Dish,” in which she insisted that the sexual activity was not coerced, and said she didn’t know how the firefighter could have concocted the scheme.

“He asked me if he could have a job, and, you know, he said the only way that I was going to help him do that was if he did stuff like that — if he snorted something or coked up,” said Gonzalez. “I told him I would be there to support him 100 percent. I said you know what, I’m going to go through this pregnancy and the baby and this baby, then if we were to ever get to a stage where we needed help, I was going to need somebody.”

Gonzalez said she first met Lopez in August 2017. She then decided to have an abortion after he threatened to kill her and her unborn child. After consulting with an attorney, she went to police last month and has recorded the 911 call she made to report him.

Lopez wrote a notice of termination, which referred to the vaccine directive and said that he “cannot support you with my health, morals, ethics, and convictions,” according to ABC News.

The alert of Lopez’s termination stated that “no single vaccine is 100 percent effective in preventing diseases,” and that he had “cured” Gonzalez, stating that “a definitive pregnancy test and urine sample will confirm that you are pregnant.”

In the recording, Gonzalez pressed Lopez about his history, asking “How many times have you had this done?”

“How many times have you attempted it?”

“How many times have you injected the contents into my vagina, inside my vagina, and when have you been confronted by me or the police about this?”

“You’re here,” said Lopez. “That’s why.”

The letter also gave a direct threat to Gonzalez: “It is strongly suggested that you come clean to me immediately and that your fiance just comes clean and that we move forward.”

The following month, Lopez reportedly “wiped the butt with a packet of the Los Alamos natural paternity booster in his pocket” and made the woman feel “very uncomfortable” before ejaculating on it, Gonzalez claimed.

“He kept telling me that he wanted to help me,” she said. “That he had good intentions. That he wanted to take care of my pregnancy. And, you know, he didn’t seem like he was intent on having sex with me. But I didn’t know him.”

When she questioned Lopez about the “intimate note” he had left her, she said he later told her that “he wanted to be in the picture,” making her “really uncomfortable.”

She also told authorities that she would drive Lopez to drug and alcohol treatment, but when she showed up, Lopez “stood at the car and didn’t come out. He was just watching people come up.”

The next day, he called her husband and told him what had occurred. She then called 911.

“You hear me,” said a recording of the emergency call. “Listen to me. I just had a sexual assault incident. I have a deaf girl, but I need police help, too.”

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