Can you say sticker shock? Tips for finding the best deals this holiday season

Sure, you can buy yourself a prime parking spot, a winning lottery ticket, and maybe some mink. But there is no such thing as a free lunch: The “Shopper’s Guide to the Holiday Season” published by California Retailers Association president and CEO Jonathan Gold, points out this important shopper tip: Be extra aware of the set-up and the price gouging. “This year, more than ever, it’s essential to learn ahead of time about safe shipping methods and how to pick a deal.” He tells us these tips:

Learn about free shipping services. Costco has been offering free shipping up to 35 percent off this season. Sign up on its website.

Find shipping codes. Sign up for newsletters or codes on sites like to find shipping codes. Get smarter about shipping.

Read product reviews. “Trust this expert’s judgment about what to buy online. Look for clicktivism and environmental accountability. Think about the sustainability of a product or the care and nurture of animals. Don’t judge the size of an animal’s paws based on size alone. Also: Put time in finding the best prices and waiting to ship before committing to purchase,” advises Gold.

For more holiday shopping advice from Gold, watch the video above. Happy shopping!

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