Chat while eating: Chickpea nuts or Flats?

This is the 6th article in a series looking at products that are making fresh-to-drink chickpeas a more mainstream food choice.

CNN, by the CNN Food team

(CNN) — Chat while eating! You already know that’s an American food ideal. But what about these two apps?

Chat while eating or rather chat-and-eat your way to deep-fried chickpeas?

Download either the Chickpea Nuts or Chickpea Flats (available for Android and iOS) to your mobile device. With the right app, you can strap on a belt — yes, belt — and do more than chat while ordering via your phone.

About once a month, I’m the person who says, “I want to talk. Can I talk while eating my nachos?” It’s a common problem, to be sure, but Chickpea Nuts tells me what I want to talk about in the online chat before the end of my meal.

Chickpea Nuts gives users a peek at other users’ chats and helps them develop a better sense of timing during their own.

Chickpea Nuts CEO Adam Lythgoe insists his app is more than chat-and-eat. He sees it as an exercise in trying to fix what ails the health food industry: “The biggest issue with being in the health business is a lack of preparation, and if we can try to help people be more prepared we can be a much more successful venture than we would be just talking about packaged food or even food,” he says.

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