Former gynecologist arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting patient at a Toronto office

A 32-year-old female doctor was arrested last week on allegations of sexual assault. The Toronto Sun reported the Toronto Police Service arrested Dr. Ameen Azam for sexual assault on June 14, during a private obstetrics and gynecology practice in Toronto’s north end. The woman had accompanied her patient to the clinic, whom she had scheduled to meet the doctor on June 9. She was eventually directed to go back to her vehicle after a consultation that began late that evening, when Azam stopped into the clinic. The patient reportedly said she told Azam that her husband was the father of her child, and to be a good father to her baby. The patient then drove back to her home a few blocks away. The next morning, the woman’s husband told her that his wife had parked her car and gotten out of it at the Toronto’s Public Health on the Danforth and been forced into a vehicle, which drove her to a secluded building where he sexually assaulted her and later she admitted he was sexually assaulted.

Dr. Azam’s LinkedIn profile and bio revealed he had worked at North York General Hospital and for Wellspring Heart Institute in Mississauga, where he was also the medical director for its new chair in women’s cardiovascular diseases. The woman told police that after hearing from her husband that his wife had received medical attention, Azam contacted her again by phone. The next day, the woman allegedly received a phone call from an acquaintance of hers telling her to go back to the hospital. She told police that when she arrived there, she saw the accused doctor. The woman told police Azam kissed her, locked the door of the doctor’s office, called his wife and left the building. When Azam was later arrested, police said that he claimed he kissed the woman because he wanted to, but did not ask for sex. Azam, a Jordanian national, was charged with sexual assault and forcible confinement.

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