Toronto councillors at odds over whether CaféTO is worth permanently occupying a street corner

A proposal to make CaféTO a permanent fixture in Toronto’s historic Queen Street West neighbourhood has seen it gain the backing of 10 of the 13 councillors with wards located in the area.

According to the Toronto Star, opponents of the move have come out in force, and are pressuring city council to reject the request to consider CaféTO a permanent fixture in the heart of the historic district. According to Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, a colleague of Mayor John Tory, there is a real risk that the requirement that CaféTO stay at an undisclosed location will create a “spillover” effect, drawing visitors to the nearby Queen Street West corridor and forcing existing tenants out.

Voters in Toronto city council are expected to take up the issue of CaféTO’s future in a special meeting on Tuesday, when the votes from the entire caucus are counted. If approved, CaféTO will become the neighbourhood’s latest permanent attraction, joining the Drake Hotel, Little Portugal, Pantages, and the rest of Queen Street West’s well-known attractions.

Read the full story at The Toronto Star.


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