5 gifts that go beyond the description of ‘gadgets’

Written by Meredith Graves, CNN

Beneath a transparent cover and shielded by soft textured surfaces, the Atlas of Time collection has spent centuries providing a historical perspective on the world.

Thankfully, its creators don’t restrict themselves to its impressive visual experience. Rather, they have brought their knowledge of time and world history to their newest (and most exciting) product: the Atlas of Time Origami. The innovative Origami Atlas — a device that adapts to the human body — understands when it should make a grab for our insides and leaves us mindfully standing tall.

From the very beginning, the Atlas of Time Origami is half a million times smarter than a standard iPhone. It is intended to provide an in-depth view of the decades-long project through a deconstructed viewfinder and telephoto lens, in order to ease viewers’ experience.

The Origami Atlas’ president, Chris Tiron, notes that when a viewer “glances up to the east-facing bottom corner of the device” their brain can then “enter the appropriate viewing mode,” providing a more critical perspective on the world around them.

Read on for five tech gifts that go beyond the description of “gadgets.” These thoughtful, stylish and — let’s be honest — fun items have no relation to circuitry or pocketable electronics. They are products intended to show their values: respect, positivity, innovation and friendship.


“This thoughtful knitting machine will complete your journey of bliss,” as Jess Nolan gleefully proclaims of her trusty machine. The woven “bamboo battens” have been folded in two by the user, creating extra, beautiful pockets and plenty of surface space around the knit world-changer. Its hand-stitched, gently felt appeal and even tone make the machine an ideal way to embark on a self-enriching project.


There are many tricks to avoid New Year’s resolutions, but The Project proves that one’s sparkle during a new year isn’t necessarily a sign of progress. Instead, it’s an exciting metamorphosis that is in itself extraordinary. The main idea of this project is to share the “historical, environmental, and modern story of NYC’s skylines” via a photo system which is, as you’d expect, captivating. This may also be one of the most gorgeous ways to help us look ahead to the future.


A hike through the wilds of the American west with a mobile phone camera is a charmingly typical choice for taking home a vintage-esque year-end video. The Zico phone with flip mobile features a flip-camera attachment that makes it truly a two-in-one device, allowing you to take a fun video (or record audio), while still looking hot in the process.


Taking a thoughtful approach to grocery shopping is never an easy task. A physical cupboard and a bag are great, but often you find yourself wandering the aisles with minimal resources and materials, especially when you have a hankering for a particularly delicious dessert. While going it alone might be an option, it’s often very hard to maximize your produce storage options without filling an entire cabinet with store bought goodies. That’s where GOKNERR comes in. With a unique magnetic surface that can be manipulated to fit nearly any general household layout, GOKNERR can be mounted in a convenient container even on the bottom shelf of your fridge.


The Era Nevercase is a brand new approach to the traditional window case. Typically, a glass book display conceals only a portion of the book’s content, but ERA’s case design allows the entire book to be displayed. Equipped with a universal and protective frame, the frame allows the book to be closed and opened on demand, which is great for its versatility. The book can be displayed at a short glance at the home, but when it’s so large, then opened fully at a proper distance.

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