Elizabeth Holmes’ statements on Theranos may have been leaked

Written by Ejaz Ghani, CNN

Elizabeth Holmes claims she acted in good faith.

When former investors from what was known as SCVNGR sued the founder of Theranos last year for fraud, alleging that she did not comply with loan agreements, Holmes fired back.

“You know what, guys? I wish I could tell you how and why but I can’t. And here’s why: I’m sorry, but I’m a go-getter,” she said at a San Diego press conference in 2016.

That statement has been replicated ad nauseam — now with the help of statements on Holmes’ Twitter account — ever since the renowned serial entrepreneur copped to her flaws.

On Wednesday, an audio recording leaked from the House Energy and Commerce committee, uploaded by Alex Posard, showed Holmes denying charges that she deceived investors and the public about Theranos’ accuracy before testifying under oath.

The Financial Times reports the recording was part of a voluntary response to a subpoena from the committee and contains 11 hours of testimony from Holmes.

Also on Wednesday, a former employee at Theranos — a company that developed a diagnostic test using a pinprick of blood — posted a scathing Facebook post in which she claims Holmes was behind misconduct.

Followers accuse Holmes and Theranos founder Richard Sykes of stealing secrets and lying

Also on Wednesday, the Financial Times reported that Holmes and Sykes spoke to Department of Justice officials about infighting among the company’s business partners.

The tension played out on Theranos’ book tour in Dallas in August 2017.

“It is hypocritical for them to accuse each other of conspiring to lie and steal information for profit,” a person identified as Holmes wrote on the event website.

“They are two individual, positive people doing their very best to take on a very aggressive backdrop of special interest groups.”

Theranos is now under investigation by federal regulators and criminal prosecutors.

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