Growing up Catholic can be hard, but this pastor tells you how to survive

Think Long and Bright You won’t be thought of as a loner. Think Long and Bright. Got dog? Good, stay home. And don’t open that door unless you’re getting your food. It might be better to tell strangers to go play in your backyard. When traveling alone it’s a good idea to keep your cell phone in your pocket. And, most importantly: When in doubt, wear pants. Really.

For those lucky enough to have the gift of eternal life, how will they feel at the end of their lives? Expressions of faith aren’t required, but certain topics seem to provoke strong responses from you when you listen to the stories of a person who is already sitting there.

Do you think they live in the past? Do you think the people who are already lying in their beds…when the mean old thing is already on the table, how do they feel about the present?

It is pretty easy to be a doomsday prepper but most people would say they’re not.

During the Vietnam War, the government hired physicists, in order to try to figure out what was causing the war. They thought mass radiation from the atomic weapons tests in the 1950s was just a coincidence.

But, they figured out that only a few people were being exposed to the radiation: the American military personnel in the places where the tests were taking place.

We are living in a nuclear age and this time around, some men think we should be prepared for a nuclear holocaust.

But, it doesn’t seem like their knowledge is useful right now. The U.S. military deployed commandos on the island of Diego Garcia. The reason for doing so is to prepare for a possible nuclear attack.

“A trained hunter could put on a bomb suit, with a back pack that fits on his shoulder, and enter the outer plexiglass of the rooms where the nuclear weapons are stored, perhaps exposing himself to a fatal dose of radiation,” according to the article.

We live with the dangers of disease and for those on the West coast of Africa you may recall that this is where Ebola was first reported.

Again, there are some people who are willing to put their life on the line for the American citizens and our soldiers. But, they just want to eliminate the possibility of an attack and in that way they are helping us too.

On the other hand, there are people who are hard-core pacifists.

And what do those people do once they figure out that there is a whole planet of other people and people will die if they don’t listen to the needs of the individual, in this case the American people.

It seems that you just can’t judge or criticize someone when you’re not in their space.

Remember, the time has gone on and those who are already dead are already with the Lord.

Please remember, I only have an hour. Give me all of you in this hour.

And if you see something I should say I am probably not qualified to say it, and I don’t blame you. But, if you see something that I should say go ahead and say it.

Go ahead and ask me if it would be bad if that lady goes to jail, that’s not a good idea.

Now it’s up to you. Will you stand with my parents and grandchildren, or will you hate America?

To me, there’s only one way to find out.

By talking to God, and taking the reality that He loves you too.

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