UPS CEO David Abney on leadership, Syphilis, and President Trump

Editor’s Note: Video produced by TC Johnson.

The CEO of UPS, David Abney, speaks to CNN Business after being awarded the UN Women’s Sargent Shriver award for leadership in empowering female candidates and removing barriers to voting, instigating legislation, and helping the company move the needle on U.S. women’s equality. Abney says he would have been proud to receive the award from his dad, who was a civil rights activist himself and was the first man to lead the Marine Corps.

Here, he discusses UPS’ work with the Committee of 100 at the National Women’s Law Center, how TSA screening for syphilis and AIDS can be streamlined in an era of tight budgets, the fact that women are a fraction of the corporations he’s worked with, and the efforts he’s taken to help the U.S. address opioid abuse.

– Written by Sarah Galo

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