Charter school workers lock doors to keep hungry kids off campus

After years of waiting, Jaime and Cristina Marcos De Baca finally were able to take their eight-year-old, hungry daughter to dinner after being prevented from leaving El Chaparral Charter Elementary School on December 23 when the doors shut.

The problems began a few months ago when the San Diego school district added a “no deer hunting” clause to its new contracts with numerous charter schools in its system. What that meant was if a charter school fired off a contract to shoot a deer for some funds, it couldn’t hire anyone to do it.

The Marcoses live a couple blocks from the school and decided to try to bring a child closer to their younger one after learning her school does not allow children of charter school employees to leave campus. But she recently cut her finger, put a tetanus shot in, and decided to take her daughter out anyway.

Every time someone walked in a closing in front of the charter school, the doors were closed. She says there were at least half a dozen instances.

“For me and my daughter, you always have the fear that somebody is waiting outside. You never know what is happening,” she said.

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