Kevin Spacey Ordered to Pay $31 Million to ‘House of Cards’ Studio

× Kevin Spacey Ordered to Pay $31 Million to ‘House of Cards’ Studio

Kevin Spacey must pay a maximum of $9.5 million to Media Rights Capital (MRC), the producer of “House of Cards,” to cover claims from the company that the Oscar-winning actor had verbally abused and intimidated him, US District Judge George H. Higginson ruled today.

The court originally ruled in April that MRC was entitled to recoup some of the claims it filed against Spacey, in an arbitration related to Spacey’s financial reimbursement for legal, production and other “material costs” associated with firing the actor from the Netflix series.

However, the judge later ruled that Media Rights Capital would have to pay Spacey another $8.3 million in the default judgment issued last Friday in a related Los Angeles Superior Court case. Higginson also ruled that Spacey must pay the production company $10,000 per day in interest accrued since October 23, 2016, the day he was fired.

“House of Cards” on Tuesday cancelled the final season of the series, starring Kevin Spacey, after several of the show’s female cast members came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Spacey. The show’s creator, Beau Willimon, also announced in October that he was stepping down.

Netflix also cut ties with Spacey, and cut off productions on any other Netflix shows and streaming content that Spacey had an involvement with.

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