Confused about how your Instagram account is being Yassified? Here’s how

Written by By S , CNN Los Angeles, California

It seems digital social media got so big that everyone had to be branded Yassified. Your influencer had to be Yassified. Twitter had to pay up to get its Yassified. Even Instagram was getting in on the Yassification trend.

But only now, after months of Twitter abuse, has Yassify itself made a hasty and disappointing exit.

The hashtag has since been scrubbed from all social media — at least as far as we’re aware. It’s now off Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

That Facebook data dump has kicked up a lot of dust and caused a lot of snark. And why not, with that much information out there?

Into the thick of it

One of the deleted tweets

Ultimately, Instagram isn’t a chat or conversation app, but a visual platform with language filters (100?). To restrict video or photos in it to size 4 was the only reasonable thing to do.

Arguably, the label trend just reached its peak, and we’re back to normal.

Now, if you’ve got social media filtering on, there are apps you can use that work outside Instagram’s and tweet in layers too.

I can’t promise that we won’t hear about and see more of Yassify around the web, though, simply because everyone loves a good hashtag trend.

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