They have a maker, but it’s not you

By Lisa Ferdinando, for CNN • Updated 9th July 2013

By now, you’ve probably heard all about the best places to find inspiration to cultivate or reclaim your creativity.

So we invite you to take a look now, as CNN Style offers up a new list of six items that people have been drawing on recently, several with lasting design and artistic significance.

The activity of chewing gum has made a comeback (like a jarred slipper or worn-out vintage t-shirt) because consumers recognize the questionable quality of modern pouches or bags of gum.

It happens so frequently we’d like to stay a bit more serious on this one: the juxtaposition of clean lines and rough textures in the form of leather works best in this case.

And if you could live on a sailboat, you might want to check out Noble, an upscale Florida boutique that has recently launched its first European outpost at the top of Pier 70 in New York City’s East River.

The best thing about the company’s wares is that the collection can be distinguished by their neutral shades and neutral materials. (There’s also a collection of colorful baubles.)

The company creates footwear for both men and women, from comfort-first, versatile sneakers and rugged tennis shoes to streamlined flats and studded flats.

Although it’s popular among female fitness enthusiasts and vegans in NYC, the company’s name is, perhaps intentionally, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the ethical and fair trade policies that it advocates in its manufacturing and shipping process.

The vibrant yellow tiles used in this kitchen foyer were inspired by the colors of a deep indigo poolside villa owned by one of the developers of Tribeca in the early 1960s. Today, the property is owned by Redken Global Brand Leader Florian van der Elst.

Van der Elst says the tile technique he used was based on his love of color as the driver of designs. “The tiles, as well as the pool and the colors, reflect the way I see the world,” he said.

The design, for its installation in Beverly Hills this spring, was also intended to reference the hands-on aesthetic of the original villa, from the opulent details to the furniture to the decorating.

How are you going to create your best mood lighting at night?

Start out in the kitchen. Although brighter LED light sources in living spaces are becoming more common, any neutral color scheme is better than none.

Potential use cases for this design include a kitchen or bathroom, when a couch shade or high-end table can be a focal point, or a bedroom or bedroom reading light to reduce glare while you snooze.

We’re guessing that this elegant wooden sculpture, called a salad bowl, is by one of the artists behind the Liverpool Contemporary Arts Museum, but we’d like to claim the ownership here and wouldn’t charge you, either.

In many of the world’s developing countries, women continue to suffer from the effects of the 2010 earthquake, more than three years later. But in other cultures where heathery associations abound, something like this is nearly impossible to overlook.

Feminist artist Jeannette Somoulia took on this design project after visiting a prison, where prisoners were given what she described as “expensive cushions” (sans pillows) that often caused them to “endure lots of bad pain because of the sheer weight of them.”

Somoulia decided to use this material to create this sculpture using her chosen medium: canvas. (There’s also the option to create a new form entirely.) It quickly became clear that the work came out of “the rage women felt toward a material that forced them to suffer in silence,” she said.

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Multimillion-dollar injection molded resin sculptures

How many single-serving sippy cups do you need?

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