Fringed popularity, or empty space? Why Australians are rejecting ‘no walk’ signs

Is this the solution? Craig writes: “Myself and about 4,000 others took a proposed ‘no walk’ sign (, sitting on an empty road in south Hartford Connecticut, a town that represents ‘Ponzi’ loss to thousands of children, looking at the street sign, which politely points motorists toward an intersection or driveway. An unforeseen destination. The sidewalk turns and abruptly ends with no warning. Right where pedestrians need it most.” Photograph: Craig ????????, Nelson 3, LeClerc 5, m.

a) Are you right, Craig? You’ve lost the argument.

b) It is right. This is the solution.

c) You have a contrary position.

d) All three.

e) Any response to this, Craig, will be disproved by science.

f) The authority has denied your proposal.

g) The authority has denied your proposal.

h) The authority has received yours.

i) You should have known, Craig, that you are, for better or worse, seeing the invisible.

j) You are blind.

k) All three.

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