Kevin Spacey must pay $31 million to The Hollywood Reporter and Netflix for his contract for ‘House of Cards’

Story highlights Kevin Spacey “must pay” $31 million to The Hollywood Reporter and Netflix, after his pay was renegotiated and he claimed he was a victim of identity theft.

The decision to slap Spacey with the hefty fee is a big win for the “House of Cards” creator.

Kevin Spacey’s $32 million payday following a sexual misconduct scandal last year — the actor and producer is getting it in the end.

The legal battle is now over.

Kevin Spacey must pay The Hollywood Reporter $31 million to the show’s creator, Beau Willimon, and the streaming network Netflix, after the actor lost a $12 million contract with the two companies following his sexual misconduct scandal last year.

The award stems from the actor’s “cost-cutting negotiating strategy” for a new contract, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Willimon responded to this by noting, “The idea that Mr. Spacey’s high-priced lawyers and PR firm were unable to resolve this for him is a great testament to the value of the show and the show’s continuing value to Netflix.”

Spacey has been sentenced to Nolens priors, but he avoided jail time, CNN reported.

In October 2017, multiple men came forward with stories of sexual misconduct while in his personal life.

The many accusations ranged from lewd conduct and sexual assault to things that appeared to be nonsexual, such as groping people. As a result, he was dropped from the upcoming Ridley Scott-directed “All the Money in the World” remake and replaced by Christopher Plummer as J. Paul Getty.

In February, he received $9 million to drop out of the film “Billionaire Boys Club,” and by this April, he was paid $7 million to exit the thriller “Double Feature.”

To add insult to injury, the performer had an accusation of identity theft added to the list. Two staff members of the London’s Old Vic theater accused him of being a serial sexual predator.

After all of this, Netflix has reportedly shut down production of Spacey’s show “House of Cards.” Earlier this year, they confirmed that “the show must go on,” but a spokesperson told CNN earlier this month that “the time has come to move in a different direction.”

Despite Spacey being given the boot from his roles in “All the Money in the World” and “Billionaire Boys Club,” he can still afford to call himself “King of Netflix” thanks to the massive paycheck he received in “House of Cards.”


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