Love in the Attic Author Clarissa Pinkola Estés

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What was it like to see your parent differently from the way they always saw you?

FOX’s Trish Regan has “Swingin’ with Trish”:

Well, I think that it’s really funny that a woman who had a nice husband and a lot of grandchildren now suddenly discovers that all of a sudden she has a daughter who’s single and divorced and hasn’t married and she’s living on her own. And it’s funny, because I say this is the funniest it’s ever been.


But it did make me a better reader. The first book I ever bought for myself was actually “Waitress in the Attic” by Barbara Kingsolver and the second one was “Charlotte Gray” by Hilary Mantel. And I kind of take those as a challenge. I just don’t want to read them again. I’ve already read them and I’m ready to move on to another novel and it’s very hard to write.

I’m not a teacher. I’m more of a reader and a writer and, really, I just find that they attract me because they can say what I can’t. And in the interests of time I suppose you’re allowed, but I feel like there are important things in life.

In the “Swingin’ with Trish” studio, I have a lot of questions for the guests at this time. So you might want to look in the box labeled, ‘What’s in Your Trish Box?’

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