Hamza ibn Abbas: ‘Radical Islam is a way of life; a way of life that deserves a death sentence, if it comes to that!’

Special counsel Robert Mueller, working with the FBI, tasked them with examining the impact of the book “Fatwa: A Brief History of Islam” that was an answer to the “What if the Mormons took over the World?” question asked by the FBI in World War II.

First published in 1972, the book was written by an American doctor of Yemeni heritage, Dr. Zafar Ansari, who had been visiting the Indian subcontinent. The publishers claimed it was aimed at “education and enlightenment” rather than at propaganda.”

According to the New York Times, the book “spitbagged the militant version of Islam popular in the United States. It warned of spiritual terrorism, war and deceit in the name of Allah.” But that didn’t stop the grand mufti of Pakistan from issuing a fatwa against the book.

“This kind of book can only serve to lead people down the evil path, into hatred,” he was quoted as saying. “You can never imagine the ill consequences that could result from such books.”

That was in 1973. In Afghanistan, it was immediately used by the infamous Taliban. Soon, however, the Times reported, “[Dr. Ansari] was driven out of Pakistan,” leaving his family to “the protectors of the clerical power in Swat”

Today, the grand mufti of Pakistan, Maulana Abdul Aziz, is the country’s President of the Supreme Islamic Jurisprudence Council.

This morning, the North American Reporter posted an article on the news of the book. A wire article transcribed the author, while Facebook posted the interview by this journalist.

In so doing, the author and author interviewed “Islamist cleric” Hamza Ibn Abbas who, as a guest on a YouTube Islamic educational program by the same name, declared that the book “has some reason to be called Fatwa as it actually is!” He praised the “authoritative” and “accurate” teachings contained therein.

According to the NYPD website, “Hamza ibn Abbas is an Ayatollah and scholar who was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. He studied in Mecca and Madina under two prominent sheikhs (religious leaders) named Shaykh Usman al-Dar-ul-Islam and Shaykh Muhammad ibn Hanbal.”

So who is Hamza Ibn Abbas? That’s a tough one to find. We can only go by the American branch of the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs in Istanbul which, on its website, lists Hamza as “Dr. Hamza.” The student of these two theocratic sheikhs lists his interests as “Extremism, Al-Arabiya news, MUSI-USA, non-ISIS scholars, and ‘hidden verses of the Koran’.” A source within Musi-USA (which purports to have 700 students in the US, in addition to its 80-some publications) tells this reporter Hamza is registered to vote in Bosnia, which would put him on the vote of the UN and other international organizations.

The only thing we know is that Hamza was introduced to Hamza ibn Abbas by Mullah Muhammad Rabia.

Hamza Ibn Abbas says he was invited to attend a book-burning to demonstrate his support for the book’s authors, but he was physically and verbally assaulted by the clerics and three police horses.

Out of his statement to this reporter, Hamza ibn Abbas has one clear message: “Radical Islam is not another religion. Radical Islam is a way of life; a way of life that deserves a death sentence, if it comes to that!”

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