Space experiment mixed fire with food to get sex toy taste

(CNN) — You have to give it to the space explorers.

On Wednesday, U.S. astronaut Randy Bresnik and his European Space Agency colleague Alexander Gerst, along with Japanese astronaut Kimiya Yui, successfully burned food poppers to mix in two avocados, seven peppers and three tablespoons of salsa while in space.

Bresnik had previously used their favorite space food before, but not in this way. The meal — which looks a bit like a sex toy at first sight — was originally designed for astronauts’ first trip to space in 1996. After astronauts ate it, they complained that the smell was bad.

But time and ingredients have made it a better one. Bresnik showed it off on NASA TV with the smile of a man on top of the world.

Once the food was mixed, the astronaut prepped and wrapped it in foil.

A friend of NASA’s tweeted a “head-shaker” image of their first-ever meatball on earth and said that it smelled “amazing.”

The image was shared on Twitter by the @NASA_Langley, which showed a shocking amount of fabric hanging from their astronauts’ suit.

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX has had a big week.

On Sunday, they successfully launched the Dragon spacecraft from Kennedy Space Center, taking it to the International Space Station. But instead of sending food, they were sending astronauts.

“This spacecraft and crew are all American and no launch will take place on the SpaceX rocket without America’s space men,” California congressman Adam Schiff tweeted.

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Currently there are three American astronauts onboard the ISS. There are three crewmembers at the moment, including NASA’s Mark Vande Hei and Rick Mastracchio.

And it’s not over yet. SpaceX still has to deliver the shipment of food and supplies to the International Space Station before its next launch is scheduled for Monday.

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