Strangers are posting photos of their unconscious friends on social media

While online trolling has rightly been pinpointed as a growing issue, social media sites are also a subject of alarm for most of us. According to Time’s Lists of Scariest “Hashtags” and Shocking Sexist Internet Comments, social media is perhaps one of the greatest ever areas of online communication. While most of us probably understand that posting comments about famous people like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift can be downright creepy, many people unwittingly expose intimate details of their lives to the public.

Picking up on anecdotes of spouses in three-way calls or hidden streams of messaging has become a popular tip for spotting potential stalking perpetrators. But it seems that the internet is a cesspool of sharing behaviors that could be compromising or dangerous.

Girls Recycling Mouthwash Recipes With Racist Friends

A Reddit user recently started a trend of telling Reddit users where she can buy mouthwash containing secret ingredients. If anyone has any tips for that one, please drop me a line.

Check Out This 4-Year-Old’s Frightening Elevator Footage

You never know what might pop up on your social media feed if you pay close attention. Most people have found that creepy young boys suddenly materializing on their social media feeds as well.

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