Currys, Amazon and Smyths stock original Xbox One games

Hastings confirms a production deal for a new Xbox One series, so there are still some original stock games to buy ahead of the 2017 E3 gaming show

Two weeks after Xbox boss Phil Spencer told Channel 4 that production for an original Xbox One series has been confirmed, listings for other original hardware from the years before the last console’s launch are now appearing in UK stockists.

Remembering the 1992, when Sega experienced a (seemingly) temporary production slowdown, it would be something of a trick to have stock in at the right time for the PlayStation and Xbox launches in 2014, but stock for original Xbox One software is still worth considering.

Currys PC World lists a box of original Xbox One Pro games for under £10, including Contra 4, Contra IV: The Lost Levels, The Flash, Wolfenstein, System Shock, The Orange Box, Killing Floor 2, Sword Art Online, Digimon, Rainbow Six and Battlezone, and about £5 more for the complete bundle, effectively cancelling out whatever savings there are from a £10 package.

Elsewhere, Amazon and Smyths are also listed as stocking original Xbox One software. Amazon is also selling a couple of options for Xbox One controllers at £25. If you want a One S for £180, they’re listed on TK Maxx, but it’s worth ordering in advance for stock – you may be able to pick up some stock on eBay at a very affordable rate, but be aware that just one may be available for sale.

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As the original Xbox release dates were in and around Christmas, and stocks aren’t exactly looking good at the moment, it will be interesting to see whether one of the UK’s many remaining Unofficial Store retailers offer some original Xbox One software at a reduced price next month.

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