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Conservative author and host of The Tomi Show, Tomi Lahren, joined Martha MacCallum on Friday to discuss Elizabeth Holmes, who’s accused of fraud by Forbes Magazine.

Released last week, Forbes Magazine reported that Holmes, CEO of Theranos, is the “world’s youngest self-made billionaire,” who was worth $9 billion at the time of her arrest in 2016.

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The report alleges that Holmes embezzled an estimated $600 million from the company, mislabeled blood tests that are used to diagnose cancer and infectious diseases, and made people overpay for the tests.

“What’s so sad about what Elizabeth Holmes is accused of doing is the fraud that’s alleged against her is so unethical,” Lahren said. “For her to think that she could convince doctors that this blood test is a legitimate test and they want to put their faith in it to say, ‘Trust in this blood test. You’ll be cured of your disease,’ it’s so unethical.”

The accusations are serious, but is the punishment warranted? Lahren called for Elizabeth Holmes to be held to a higher standard.

“I think this is a crime of character,” she said. “I think that she was abusing her position and abusing her customers and abusing her doctors.”

To see Tomi Lahren’s thoughts on the special, watch the full interview above.

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